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Mahjong Decades is not only a fun online game to play. This Mahjong Decades Helpful Hints page will make it fast and fun for you to start playing. It is easy to learn as well! The rules of Mahjong Decades are simple. Enjoy this entertaining and endlessly changing tile strategy game, Mahjong Decades!

Here are the basics:
– First, choose one of 36 games with 84 to 152 tiles.

– Click to reveal the Mystery powerups which give you bonus auto-matches for power-up tiles and time boosts.

Mahjong Decade Power Ups Tiles
Mahjong Decade Power Ups Tiles

– Look for pairs of tiles. Once you find a pair of tiles and click on both, the tiles are automatically removed from the board.

– As tiles are removed from the board, new tiles will become visible and you can match and remove them, also.

– Continue removing tiles until there are none left on the board. If you remove all of the tiles from the board, you complete that level and receive a bonus score.

– Be careful! Not all pairs are the right ones. Think before you match pieces or you may lose points and have to refresh, receiving a time penalty.

– After a puzzle is complete, you will receive a bonus point, stars and have the opportunity of playing again or playing the next puzzle.

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Play with these beautiful mahjong tiles and have a zen experience. Mahjong is one of the best strategy games of all time. One of the myths of the origin of mahjong suggests that Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, developed the game in about 500 BC. Mahjong is a free solitaire game where the player is challenged to eliminate all of the tiles from the board by finding their pairs. Find matching pairs of images from the end lines of the puzzle layout. Play our free Mahjong game now!Play our free Mahjong game now!